Thailand HealthSpan Study

IRIWP is pleased to invite Thai government health officials, corporate sponsors, university researchers, medical and philanthropic organizations, civic and religious groups, and interested individuals and families to join us in the our Thailand HealthSpan Study.

Thailand HealthSpan Study

Today’s modern technologies and advances in medicine make it possible to extend a person’s lifespan for years. But simply extending lifespan is not enough. Globally, unhealthy-aging populations live longer, but their rising health and habilitative services costs make it imperative to extend healthspan as we have lifespan.

As shown above “Healthspan” can be defined as the period of one’s life that one is healthy. A better definition might include being free from age-related serious disease. Human healthspan is associated with many factors. For example, the interplay of negative lifestyle and environmental factors can result in epigenetic changes accelerating age-related disease. However, epigenetic changes have potential for reversal with lifestyle modification, as seen below.

Our goal is to pursue longitudinal assessments of human aging associated with epigenetic changes, resulting in alterations of gene expression and disturbances in broad genome architecture and the epigenetic landscape. The potential reversibility of these epigenetic changes offers exciting opportunities to alter the trajectory of age-related diseases and promote mental and physical wellbeing.

How Can Interested Individuals and Families to Join the Thailand HealthSpan Study?

  • To be eligible for The Thailand HealthSpan Study, subjects must be 18 years of age or older or be enrolled by their parents, and they must be residents of Thailand. Subjects must also read and understand Thai or English
  • Subjects will be able to sign up online, or through their doctors, hospitals, government agencies, colleges, universities or place of work
  • Subjects will complete a comprehensive health history questionnaire
  • Subjects will occasionally respond to various lifestyle and health surveys
  • The information that is shared will be compiled into a secure database that will allow researchers to study how an individuals’ health changes over time. The data collected may also help subjects, their families and their physician learn more about their overall health
  • Based on the information provided, Thailand HealthSpan researchers may also contact participants about other studies, they may wish to join
  • The level of subject participation is completely voluntary

How Can Corporations, Government Officials, University Researchers, Medical and Philanthropic Organizations Participate?

We are currently inviting Medical Organizations, Thai universities, Thai businesses and philanthropic organizations to join us in this important longitudinal study.

To start the Study we will have a national campaign of televised public service announcements for health subject recruitment. We are seeking sponsorship and support by our corporate partners, the Thai government, philanthropic organizations and health foundations, and private individuals.

Please contact us by completing contact form below to discuss your interest and involvement and how you can support this important national project.

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