Origami Society.Org

With a desire to preserve  traditional food and herbalist approaches to wellness and prevention Dr. Kopera founded the Origami Society.

The Origami Society is a non-profit organization involved globally in the reclamation, conservation and cultivation of plants and herbs rich in life force energies for health. The Origami Society applies the scientific and technological approaches developed by the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention to classify and calibrate life force in edible plants and life giving herbs. We work with geographies to preserve and cultivate life giving herbs and traditional food.

The Society  partners with the complete range of stakeholders involved  in the cultivation, production and consumption of herbs and plant food, and others who are fundamental to ensuring availability of quality herbs and plants and knowledge of their traditional use.

The Society and its partners sponsor international conferences and it develops educational and training materials for worldwide use of herbs and traditional, indigenous food for wellness and prevention.

At the Origami Society, though our scientific analyses of herbs, food and water,  we are ensuring the dissemination of knowledge about the use of  life giving substances that have had a positive influence on wellness and prevention for centuries.

For more information you may contact the Origami Society directly at:
Origami Society
1 Silom Road
Silom, Bangkok
Thailand 10500