Wellness Navigation Expert System™

The links among healthy populations, productive workforces and economic growth are well established. According to the World Economic Forum, worldwide, $47 trillion of cumulative output loss can be expected in the next two decades due to employee chronic disease. Currently, 36 million deaths annually or more than 60% of global deaths are due to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory diseases. However, it is also known that tracking and monitoring key risk factors may prevent 80% of cardiovascular problems and 40% of cancers.

A recent survey indicates 8 in 10 people would like to interact with their health care providers via smart phone.  While fitness apps have been around for some time the technology is moving beyond just tracking calories and miles walked.

The International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention is developing a digital content system that allows consumers to access wellness protocols to stay healthy. The system enables virtual dialogue between consumers and health professionals. The Cloud Based Platform, populated with a digital wellness database, draws content from the cloud via an expert systems interface. The system matches personal needs with a protocol generation engine and produces an individualized wellness and prevention plan.

Targeting consumers, health practitioners, and other stakeholders to help meet the increased demands for wellness and prevention monitoring and programs, a cloud based digital content system is in development that will be used by consumers on their tablets and smart phones; deployed by health providers in health care locations; and installed on workplace desktops. The goal of the system is to enhance continuous positive outcomes and improve the quality of life among individuals; increase communication capabilities for health care practitioners; generate efficient programs for payers; and, reduce health cost. In addition to motivating and educating consumers for lifestyle modification the system maximizes communication among all stakeholders.