The Origami Transformation Book Series™

At the IRIWP we are writing a series of lay books to help consumers begin a new approach to wellness and prevention.  The first book in the series is: FOOD, an Origami Transformation™.   The series is being published worldwide in multiple languages.

From the Introduction of FOOD, an Origami Transformation ™:

“To a great extent, what we eat determines how we feel and live, how long we live, and how much energy we have.”

“In this book you will meet our friend The Origami Bird.  Here the Origami is a symbol of any annoying habits and the parts of our character that we would like to remake, or change”

“Our Origami Bird is really as symbol for transcendence and liberation. She helps us escape boundaries and limitations. She is a symbol for progress towards wholeness and harmony.”

At the IRIWP we know that Food is medicine.

In ancient times, it was understood that all foods influence our wellbeing, and can have healthy, healing or, even destructive properties. Ancient healers used the foods in their local environment to both prevent and cure disease. They knew the healing and preventive properties of food because of their connection with nature and their observation of what works and what doesn’t work when the eat it.  And, for centuries the ancient traditions of the importance of food were passed down from generation to generation.

There was a time when life revolved around gathering food and cooking and eating.  Even today, large outdoor food markets supply fresh produce for families on a daily basis from the farm directly to the consumer. This is a remnant of long times past, but the true direct connection to food has been lost.

So, perhaps because we are no longer as connected to our sources of food as the ancients were, we don’t instinctively know the secret properties of foods that may have helped humans survive over the centuries while other creatures didn’t fare nearly as well, although they may have been stronger and bigger!

Why has this happened? We produce our food differently now and as our world population increases industrial food production has help feed millions.  Yet, affluence has been a mixed blessing; it provides abundance in all areas but also can disconnect us from the source of the life force of food.

In the FOOD, an Origami Transformation™ we outline a 30-day plan with pre-set food selections, all the while taking into consideration precise food combinations.  It is best to think of this book as a plan for life and wellness, not a “diet” plan. It is a starting place for a new way to think about food, what you eat, why you eat it, when you eat, and how you prepare food.

FOOD, an Origami Transformation™ is a consumer’s map for how to begin the journey and stay on the road to wellness and prevention.  It is intended as a guide to the miracle of the biochemistry of life and how to appreciate and enjoy the gift of food.

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