Engaging Asian Americans in Healthcare

The most recent National Healthcare Disparities Report (NHDR) has many findings relevant to the health of the Asian American population.

According to the report disparities in quality of care are common for this population:

• Asians received worse care than whites for about 20 percent of measures.

• Asians had higher rates of inpatient heart attack mortality than whites.

• The percentage of patients with pneumonia who received recommended hospital care was significantly lower for Asians.

• In 2007, Asians had a significantly higher rate of deaths following complications of care compared with whites.

In our research we are engaging Asian Americans to improve the Asian American healthcare experience.

Through their unique perspectives, Asian American are providing input on issues that impact Asian American healthcare, ensuring that we can begin to close the evidence gap in healthcare disparities.

Our objectives of this research are:

  • To help Asian American make informed healthcare decisions regarding their prevention and health treatment options.
  • To engage the Asian American Community in the research process.
  • To incorporate input and involvement from the Asian American community across the healthcare continuum.