Healthy Weight Pilot Studies

We are currently conducting pilot studies, using the Wellness Navigation Expert System in various locations with health care providers and industry employers.

The system allows the creation and quick implementation of a scientifically validated wellness and prevention program matched to individual needs via a digital platform.

The centerpiece of this research focuses on obesity prevention in the workplace. Targeting health practitioners, employers, insurance companies and consumers to help meet the increased demands for wellness and prevention monitoring and programs, a cloud based digital content system is being piloted that can be deployed in health care locations, at employer workplaces and on end user’s smart phones.

The goals of the system are to enhance continuous positive outcomes and improve the quality of life among individuals, reduce health care costs for employers and increase margins for practitioners and insurance providers.

We partner to conduct research on the use of the  Lifestyle Navigator™  in professional medical and healthcare practices; government and military programs; enterprise “employee” wellness programs; and,  professional associations and universities.

How do we partner / pilot with your program?

Here are some key points we would like to discuss with you:


  • What would be the purpose of the partnership/pilot?
  • What user needs would the partnership fulfill?
  • What outcome is intended with this partnership or pilot?


  • What is the expected timeline for this partnership or pilot?
  • How would this project be funded?
  • What specific actions / deliverables / from IRIWP? From Your program?
  • What kinds of specialists would be needed from IRIWP and Your program?


  • Who would be the members of the team and what would be their specific roles? (Teach? Train? Data collection? Research?)
  • How would stakeholders and funding agents benefit from this pilot?
  • How would IRIWP describe its relationship with your program to external parties?
  • Is this a partnership? Pilot? Co-investigation? Business venture?


  • What benefits are expected?
  • Does your program expect equity, revenue sharing or licensing benefits from partnership?
  • Are you interested in longitudinal research if successful?