Genomics International

Professional Services

Genomics International is a professional services company providing partnering, advisory, research, genetic testing and bioinformatics assistance to meet the needs of the growing life science, medical and consumer self-care industry in Southeast Asia.

Genomics International began outreach in Thailand and the Asia Pacific region over six years ago with participating hospitals, universities, institutions and public and private sectors for the advancement of the study of genomics, lifestyle research and age-related disease.  

In addition to our clinical consulting assistance, consulting partnerships include Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing in Asia; genetic-based product customization and manufacturing for supplement and cosmetics industries; genetic product distribution and licensing; and co-development of  health and wellness clinic facilities for medical tourism with specialized practice in longevity and regenerative medicine.

Hospital & Clinic Products and Services

Fully operational hospital and clinic assistance in Asia providing whole genome sequencing and other genetic based diagnostic services in cooperation with our worldwide medical partners and laboratories.

· Whole human genome sequencing
· Microbiome sequencing
· Metabolome analysis
· A comprehensive body and brain MRI
· Personalized laboratory tests and other screening
· Diagnostic Service Packages
· Genetic Cancer Panel· Comprehensive Genetic and  Prescriptive Reports

Other services include:

Genetic counseling, cancer risk assessments, prenatal, cardiovascular and pediatric genetic services.

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