Dr. Paul Evans was born in Chicago and grew up in California and South Carolina. Educated as a cognitive psychologist, researcher and software designer, after graduate school he became a researcher, program evaluator and writer at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Washington, DC. Following NSF, at IBM he joined the team to develop and  launch the first IBM PC and was a partner in  IBM’s Fireworks Partners Venture Group responsible for IBM’s Digital Publishing Studio, which he ran.  At the Studio Dr. Evans put together hardware-software joint ventures with Sony Corporation of Japan and strategic partnerships with diverse content companies including: McGraw-Hill, Twentieth Century Fox, Turner, Warner Brothers, the Louvre, the British Museum and “Star Wars” Entertainment, The Biosphere, among others. For his pioneering work in interactive multimedia, Dr. Evans received IBM’S prestigious “PRESIDENT’S AWARD” from, then, IBM CEO John Akers, for outstanding contribution to the firm. After IBM he was recruited by the international consulting firm, AT Kearney, as Partner on Internet and Electronic Commerce in Washington, DC. There he developed novel technology strategies for his C-level clients that remain relevant today.  Including: “Digital Pioneers:  Separating the Electronic Commerce Hype from the Reality”; “Converging Technologies and Value Creation”; “A Look at the Internet and the Opportunities it Offers”; and, he authored numerous other thought leadership pieces in Kearney’s esteemed Executive Agenda Journal.  Next, he was recruited to the New York City advertising powerhouse, Young and Rubicam, and accepted the position of Executive Vice President Worldwide,  in charge of Y&R’s digital strategy and Marketing Lab. Dr. Evans completed his Doctorate from the University of Georgia in psychometrics, statistics and research, where he was coordinator of the Fain Hall Computer/Research Center. He also holds a CAGS in from William and Mary, where he was a teaching assistant. He has served as visiting industry associate at the MIT /Sloan School of Business 21st Century Initiative; an industry representative to the MIT Media Lab; a business consultant at the Harvard Educational Technology Center; a National Academy of Sciences, Educational Technology Study participant; and, a consultant to the U.S. DOE in Educational Technology. His international experience includes business and academic consulting in the former Soviet Union, the republic of South Africa, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and Great Britain. His current interests are health literacy, emerging health technology and to improve inequitable health outcomes worldwide. He also writes and lectures internationally on the science of consciousness (see presentations tab for details).


Dr. Aimon Kopera has been among the leaders in innovative health and wellness global initiatives for more than 20 years. Born in Bangkok, Thailand she is a dual national of Thailand and the United States. She graduated from Mahidol University, Thailand, in 1986 with a major in nursing. Early in her career, she served on the United Nations International Medical team providing critical medical service for casualties of Southeast Asian conflicts. Dr. Kopera studied in the United States in the 1990s bringing her into contact with leaders in holistic health and integrative medicine which aims to combine alternative medicine, conventional evidence-based medicine, and other practices that work in wellness, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda based approaches, to address wellness in multiple “dimensions” (biological, psychological, social, and spiritual). Dr. Kopera then spent nearly a decade in entrepreneurship (Rambutan Properties, LLC; Worldsites, Inc.; Qi Mountain Wellness Institute, LLC), personal pilgrimage (Tibet, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Camino de Santiago) scientific exploration (Russia, USA), and medical study followed by her MD degree from American Global University,  with a concentration in preventive medicine, and resident internships in the United States at Emory University, Atlanta Georgia. More recently, she has focused on commercialization of genetic science for genetics-based lifestyle intervention. In this capacity she has researched, met and, in some cases affiliated with, pioneering genetic testing and health/wellness providers worldwide including, among others: Human Longevity, Inc., Pathway Genomics, Affymetrix, and Thermo Fisher Scientific Genetic Testing Services. Dr. Kopera has founded and co-founded several commercial enterprises. Services though Dr. Kopera’s businesses include direct to consumer genetic testing, and consumer lifestyle protocols that accompany genetic results with suggestions for food, vitamins, personal care and various wellness activities and products. 

She is also interested in application of the ethnobotany of traditional medicine and the emerging use of cannabinoid therapy for treatment and prevention of  chronic pain, cancer, chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, Autism Spectrum Disorder, opioid addiction, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, posttraumatic stress disorder, and other health conditions.