Food, an Origami Transformation

FOOD, an Origami Transformation ™ is a book that tackles the growing chronic illness epidemic by encouraging consumers to begin a different relationship with, and understanding of, the food they eat.

Because chronic illness is a global problem the book addresses it as such through multilingual contents (this edition is printed in English and Thai, under the same cover) and will be followed by Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Dutch and German editions.

The book is designed to be accessible to all readers and to bring them along just a little way at a time.

Aware that most of us need a reminder to change our habits, the book suggests that readers create their own Origami Bird to serve as a guide and helper as they form a new way of thinking about food and the “Life Force” it enables.

Origami Transformation Books are for everyone wanting to find out more about wellness and prevention and what they can do to help themselves live, thrive and flourish. They are available worldwide in multiple languages and are a part of the Origami Transformation Book Series.

From the Introduction of FOOD, an Origami Transformation ™

  • To a great extent, what we eat determines how we feel and live, how long we live, and how much energy we have.
  • In this book you will meet our friend The Origami Bird. Here the Origami is a symbol of any annoying habits and the parts of our character that we would like to re-fold, remake, or change.
  • Our Origami Bird is also a symbol for transcendence and liberation. She helps us escape boundaries and limitations. She is a symbol for progress towards wholeness and harmony.

In the book we outline a 30-day plan with pre-set food selections, all the while taking into consideration precise food combinations. It is best to think of this book as a plan for life and wellness, not a diet plan. It is a starting place for a new way to think about food, what you eat, why you eat it, when you eat, and how you prepare food.

FOOD, an Origami Transformation ™ is a consumer’s map for how to begin the journey and stay on the road to wellness and prevention. It is intended as a guide to the miracle of the biochemistry of life and how to appreciate and enjoy the gift of food.