Cosmic Mindset: Book Brief & Presentations

Chapter 1: The Science of Illumination. How the new model of health and wellness amplifies the rational, scientific view of conventional practice with an awareness of mind body interactions many of which have ancient philosophical and spiritual foundations and how technology will reveal these foundations.

Chapter 2: Fields of Life. How the early 20th century pursuit of emerging technology would figure prominently in the creation of novel approaches to understanding human energy fields.

Chapter 3: The Human Bioenergic Field. How what would evolve from the earliest tradition in health and wellness may very well germinate and spread to change the post-modern practice of medicine.

Chapter 4: Assessing Biophysical Energy. We take a closer look at computer technology to record, process and interpret the human bioenergic field.

Chapter 5: The Cosmic Connection. How amazingly powerful healing energies are available in nature from the universal scalar energy field.

Chapter 6: Tapping the Cosmic Mindset. Here we provide an end user (consumer) manual, which we call a mind and body experiential guide.

Chapter 7: The Cosmic Mindset. How a shift in global thinking from millennial to cosmic will begin a more humanistic, ecological, and life affirming cosmic view for future generations and ourselves.

Chapter 8: Interviews. We conduct interviews with thought leaders and record their collective vision and how that vision anticipates the transformation of health and wellness.


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