banner_pressreleaseLAS VEGAS, NV- 6 Jan 2015: Exhibiting the newest innovation in lifestyle and digital health technologies at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show, the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention (IRIWP.COM) today announced the launch of “THE CAMPUSFITKIT™ CHALLENGE 2015”, a unique competition designed to engage college students in the use of social networking, mobile connectivity, sensors, wellness databases, lifestyle resources and instructional information to better
track, manage, and improve health.

“College can be one of the strongest influences on establishing healthy lifestyles and behavior patterns. Students face multiple risks to their health, and the habits they establish can follow them throughout their lives.” said Dr. Paul Evans, CEO of IRIWP.

With the CampusFitKit™ digital health platform a student can use their smart phone to map current lifestyle information against a database of preferred healthy lifestyles. On a real-time basis the application monitors lifestyle activity and adjusts individual lifestyle protocols to help college students reach personal goals. Student interactions are monitored and data compiled according to reported involvement with the protocols over time. Deviation from the individualized healthy protocols automatically triggers communication to modify or adjust the program.

“We need to look at a student as a complex and complete person,” said Aimon Kopera MD, who cofounded IRIWP and serves as Chief Health Scientist. “College students are exposed to a variety of new experiences and potential lifestyle changes that can influence health, including changes in eating habits, living environment, daily physical activity, and possibly increased alcohol intake.” “And there is stress. Stress associated with academics or personal issues may be a contributor to emotional difficulties and even the risk of weight gain in college students” Dr. Kopera said.

“THE CAMPUSFITKIT™ CHALLENGE 2015” is a student designed competition using the CampusFitKit™ digital health platform to become the healthiest campus, department, fraternity, sorority, or alumni group. Starting January 15, 2015, interested participants can register at CampusFitKit.com. Top entrants and finalists of the design competition will be awarded with IRIWP training and technical resources to launch their programs in a 90 day competition and to automatically qualify for the CAMPUSFITKIT™ CHALLENGE in 2016.

“There are many imaginative and passionate students who want to be engaged with their own health. We established the “THE CAMPUSFITKIT™ CHALLENGE 2015” to identify the best ideas of the next generation and provide them with technology and other resources they need to help them turn their healthy program designs into replicable lifestyle choices” said Paul Evans. “We already have great interest from leading high tech and non-tech companies to help kick off the CAMPUSFITKIT™ CHALLENGE 2015, and we hope to crystallize an even broader support network as the contest builds.” he said.

To learn more about how you can become a sponsor or participant contact info@iriwp.com.