banner_pressreleaseLAS VEGAS, NV – 6 Jan 2015: Innovative mobile wellness applications for America’s colleges are being featured at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Accelerating the transformation to mobile and connected health, the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention ( announced today a new smartphone technology to improve healthy lifestyles on the nation’s college campuses, The CampusFitKit™. Targeting health conscious college students the device leverages social networking, mobile connectivity, wellness databases, online product resources and instructional information to better track, manage, and improve health quality.

Can a college student live a health-promoting lifestyle? “We think so”, says Paul Evans, CEO of IRIWP, “The CampusFitKit™ maps current lifestyle information against a database of preferred healthy lifestyles, and perhaps the best place to road test it is on the college campus”, he added.

“It is a comprehensive approach. We wanted to provide electronic health protocols that are empirically based on consideration of the individual’s existing lifestyle data” said Aimon Kopera MD, who co-founded IRIWP and serves as Chief Health Scientist.

On a real-time basis The CampusFitKit™ monitors lifestyle activity and adjusts individual lifestyle protocols to help college students reach personal goals. Student interactions are also monitored and data compiled according to reported involvement with the protocols over time. Deviation from the individualized healthy protocols automatically triggers communication to modify or adjust the program.

“For all of us, there is a great need for a system that can identify key risk factors and provide individualized plans to improve lifestyle management and facilitate the maintenance of personal wellness and prevention” Dr. Kopera emphasized. “Digital health applications can help manage our own health, promote healthy living, and gain access to evidenced based information when and where we need it”.

As a part of the product launch, The CampusFitKit™ Challenge 2015 -a 90 day challenge to become the healthiest college, department, fraternity and sorority, or alumni group- will take place over the next 12 months on America’s campuses. IRIWP and the colleges chosen to participate will use the results to study the benefits of the program. The impact of the program will be measured by group improvements in students, faculty and other participants, their engagement with the program and the healthy outcomes achieved.

In addition to The CampusFitKit™, IRIWP announced that it will be releasing new mHealth applications tailored for the health conscious consumer market in 2015.

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