FOOD BOOK Launched


Can a Piece of Paper Change Your Life?

A new book is tackling the growing chronic illness epidemic by encouraging consumers to begin a different relationship with, and understanding of, the food they eat.

In its distinctive content and design Drs. Aimon Kopera and Paul Evans of the Atlanta based, International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention (, have written a book that goes well beyond most self-help approaches to eating and nutrition.
“Food, An Origami Transformation™” is unique on several fronts in its strategy to challenge chronic illness through the subject of food. First, chronic illness is a global problem and the authors attack it as such through multilingual contents (this edition is printed in English and Thai, under the same cover). The Thai language, is on the opposite page of the English, a format that is repeated for multiple languages in the Origami Series, which is available in Korean, Chinese, and other language editions. Secondly, it targets a change in mind as well as body through the use of the traditional Asian practice of folding the Origami. Aware that most of us need a reminder to change our habits, the authors suggest that readers create their own Origami Bird to serve as a guide and helper as they form a new way of thinking about food and the “Life Force” it enables.

“FOOD, an Origami Transformation™” outlines a 30-day plan with pre-set food selections, all the while taking into consideration precise food combinations. The authors describe the plan as a blueprint for life and wellness, not a “diet” plan. It is a starting place for a new way to think about food, what you eat, why you eat it, when you eat, and how you prepare food. In addition to the plan itself the 238-page book features sections on: chemicals and foods that help energy production and liver detoxification; anti-inflammatory foods; and, an Appendix that allows readers to find out more about food listed in the plan, and where they can buy ingredients, supplies and kitchenware.

“To a great extent, what we eat determines how we feel and live, how long we live, and how much energy we have” says Dr. Kopera, Chief Health Scientist for the Institute. “We produce our food differently now than we did in years past and as our world population increases industrial food production has help feed millions. Yet, affluence has been a mixed blessing; it provides abundance in all areas but also can disconnect us from the source of the life force of food.”

FOOD, an Origami Transformation™ is a consumer’s map for how to begin the journey and stay on the road to wellness and prevention. It is intended as a guide to the miracle of the biochemistry of life and how to appreciate and enjoy the gift of food.

FOOD, an Origami Transformation™ is now available in bookstores or can be ordered on Quantity discounts are now available to groups and organizations.