Ethnobotany Expedition

Medical and cosmetic industries use botanicals sourced from around the world.  As a result, demand for wild plant ingredients is increasing. It’s important that the natural ingredients are harvested in socially and ecologically responsible ways. 

To preserve  traditional approaches to wellness and prevention and to protect indigenous plants and their users, Dr. Kopera and Dr. Evans founded the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention’s (IRIWP) “ETHNOBOTONY INITIATIVE”.

IRIWP is involved globally in the reclamation, conservation and cultivation of plants and herbs rich in life force energies for health and wellness. IRIWP works with indigenous people and researchers to apply the traditional and scientific approaches to Wellness and Prevention.  IRIWP works in remote geographies to preserve and cultivate life giving herbs and plants in traditional medicine.

To this end, IRIWP partners with the complete range of stakeholders involved  in the cultivation, production and consumption of herbs and plants and others who are fundamental to ensuring availability of quality herbs and plants and knowledge of their traditional use.

IRIWP and its partners sponsor international expeditions, conferences and  develop educational and training materials for worldwide use of herbs and plants in traditional medicine and food for wellness and prevention.

At IRIWP, though our scientific analyses of herbs, food and water,  we are ensuring the dissemination of knowledge about the use of  life giving substances that have had positive influence on wellness and prevention for centuries.

Thailand Ethnobotany Field Expeditions

To preserve  traditional approaches to wellness and prevention and to protect Thailand’s indigenous plants and their users we started our Thailand Ethnobotany Field Expeditions.

Our general ethnobotany field expeditions are open to researchers, tourists, investors, corporate and private individuals and their families. Our special expeditions are specifically curated for our client’s needs.

This year’s curated investor expedition will be held in Thailand’s northern highlands in conjunction with the mass lantern release in Chiang Mai.

Enrollment is limited to investors and applications for consideration are free. To apply for free and receive pricing details please register at eventbrite or contact us directly.

Thank you.

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