Life Force Lab

There have been many reports in the media, and on the Internet, of claims for the health benefits of particular foods. Some have said that certain ‘super foods’ such as blueberries, broccoli, or chocolate can prevent disease; other foods are said to augment intelligence, and perhaps even increase longevity.

At the Life Force Lab the IRIWP is developing tools and protocols to get a better understanding of the foods and lifestyle- mind -body interventions that may help promote wellness and prevention of disease.

To do this we are testing and developing technology, new research protocols and conducting basic research on food materials and non-invasive assessment of human energy profiles.

Technology research, testing and development focus:

  • The development of proprietary tools: optical devices, computer and software technology for analysis of bio- energetic properties of living organisms and materials (solids, liquids and gases).
  • Protocol development for non-invasive analysis of the effect of different influences on the human body from diet, exercise, therapeutic modalities, meditation. as well as from wellness and fitness applications.
  • Measuring energetic properties of plants, foods, nutritional supplements and essential oils.
  • Conducting research and developing assay protocols on the application of emerging technology for material assays and indices.