Energetic Properties of Foods

The bioelectrical nature of our bodies has historically been overshadowed by their more obvious mechanical aspects. But recently, through basic research on bio-electronics modern science has come to understand, how electrons and protons move about within our bodies and act as carriers of energy.

We now know that every cell in our body and in all living things is a transmitter and receiver of electrical information. The entire human body is a living electrical circuit.

Human beings, animals, and plants all contain and respond to energy fields, as each cell has its own frequency with which it oscillates. These various energy frequencies influence and correspond to biochemical functions.

For instance, healthy cells oscillate at higher frequencies than do unhealthy diseased cells. The lower frequency of diseased cells is reflected by (and causes) the aberrant biochemical reactions within the cell. Conversely, the biochemical differences between normal healthy cells and diseased cells correspond to the differences in the electrical properties of each. Variations in magnetic fields likewise correspond to either favorable or unfavorable changes in biological activity.

When we eat foods high in life force energies our life force is in turn, enhanced. Low life force foods, such as junk foods and many foods grown on pesticide and herbicide soils, are low in life force energies. As we eat foods containing abundant sun energy and life force, we are positively affected by their specific energetic patterns on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What we eat synchronizes with our own oscillating human energy fields to enliven, heal and rejuvenate us on all levels. By assimilating pure, highly organized energy patterns into our own energy fields, our own life force patterns are energized, revitalized and made healthier.

The green of plants, the algae in water, the green trees, grasses and herbs are transforming agents that harvest the sun’s light via the process of photosynthesis. When we consume green foods, the stored sun energy is released into our bodies as electrons; it is then transformed to the biological energy necessary for all cellular function.

If we are gaining electrons in our diet, we are able to build up an energy surplus of vital life force. This surplus is rebuilding, renewing and restoring to our bodies.

Unfortunately, in these modern times an electron surplus is uncommon in our foods. This is why it is important to incorporate foods with concentrated electron life force into our diets. They are foods that contain pure, sun energy in as natural form as possible.

When we lose electrons because of excess free radicals in our bodies and unhealthy lifestyles, then our vital force is diminished and we accelerate aging and cellular and tissue degeneration. Knowing this, the importance of eating a variety of green plants, grasses, algae, high-enzyme foods, herbs and other life force enhancing foods takes on new significance.