Electrophotonic Analyses of Water

The science of electrophotonic analysis has been researched, developed and refined over the last three decades in the United States and abroad.

The technology is based on the photon discharge visualization method.  It can be used to measure water by using computer processing programs to gage water properties by electromagnetic field photon emissions. The output of the analysis correlates water image properties, i.e., its structural properties, to its ability to enhance absorption of water soluble nutrients.

We are applying this technology in our research and consulting services to help clients identify optimum water structures for improvement of the absorption rates of nutrients into the blood stream. Research has demonstrated significant differences among distilled water, tap water, and even bottled water in their structure and absorption rates.

Why Electrphotonic Analyses of Water?

Up to 60 percent of the human body is water and current medical research is exploring how water can change the shape of molecules and how drug molecules can more effectively hit targets with the help of specially structured water.

It is well known that water is essential in order to sustain life and to maintain wellness and prevention of disease.  Water is involved in every process occurring in humans, plants, and animals. Without water there can be no life. If water quality is bad or unclean, there is little doubt that life will be adversely affected.

Globally, water pollution continues to contribute negatively to water quality and wellness and prevention issues.  However, beyond pollution a significant amount of variation exists in the basic structure of water drawn from wells, rivers and streams for local use and water produced commercially for human consumption.

Scientific applications for optimization of water for human consumption and wellness and prevention are a focus of IRIWP.

Please contact us for information on how our water analysis can be applied to improvement of your water products and enhancement of their qualities for wellness and prevention.