International Consulting and Thought Leadership

We provide consulting assistance and scientific advisory services to international wellness operations, nutrition and health businesses including marketing enablement, training, re-positioning, new market entry, global expansion, and operational expertise.

We conduct wellness and prevention studies and health product and marketing research leveraging our international survey, data collection and analysis capabilities.

We develop Intellectual Property for new global health business opportunities including apps and digital resources and scientific genomics based ventures.


Why Use Us!


IRIWP is a key partner to clients in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry (consumer and professional); mHealth companies (technology and protocol delivery); Direct to consumer laboratories and genetic testing service providers; Hospitality and medical tourism concerns; and, Global health organizations, governmental and non-governmental. We help our clients at all stages of product and service development.As every client comes to us with different needs, we can shape our services to meet your needs, whether they be for an extended engagement or for a limited one.

Our services cover:

  • Reviewing existing and new products and suggest core product attributes; discuss where products fit into consumer health and wellness needs; suggest synergies with related products; and discuss leading developments in the field.

  • Writing briefing papers that summarize health science product attributes and make available to marketing functions.

  • Serving as a health science resource to companies as a whole and particularly to the research and marketing departments.

  • Participating as a company expert in health science and provide input into global product research, product development and acquisition.

  • Representing the company as a product champion via presentations to groups of customers, sales persons, and professional organizations and at international meetings.

  • Establishing ongoing liaison with key opinion leaders, government officials, senior company staff and healthcare organizations to ensure that significant developments in the field are identified and monitored.

  • Facilitating the close liaison between global research institutes and universities and the company by presentations, visits and the review of potential partners or acquisitions

  • Providing ongoing health science and product training to sales representatives

  • Meeting with customers on team sales calls

  • Conducting focus group and global survey research projects

  • Delivering product messages to key influencers and stakeholders

  • Creating, reviewing, and publishing promotional and training material tailored to the needs of the product marketing and sales team

  • Developing and implementing mHealth strategies

  • Developing direct to professional and direct to consumer genetic testing services

We are available to discuss how we could give your company a competitive edge. Wherever you are in the world, you can rely on our international experts to provide you with product and service assistance to make your business grow.




 Genomics International Lifestyle Centers


Turnkey wellness system developed by Dr. Aimon Kopera for use in enterprise “employee” wellness programs (including government workers and military personnel); professional medical and healthcare practices; and, customized consumer wellness programs (e.g., college campuses; senior lifestyle and longevity; and, up-scale hospitality, spa and resort venues).

Genomics International Lifestyle Centers are fully integrated with cloud  based technology creating a blend Eastern Medicine and Western approaches to lifestyle optimization. A master level Tai Chi Qigong practitioner, Dr. Kopera applies her expertise in internal arts of meditation, visualization and contemplative practices, as well as, life force food science for weight reduction, wellness and health restoration. Direct to Consumer Genetic Testing conducted by our subsidiary, Genomics International, provides personalized lifestyle reports and protocols based on individual genetic testing and analysis. 

The system can be delivered as a completed product or “built to order” where, as a turnkey system, it is matched to the customer’s exact specifications. The system is available with cloud connect technology, a lifestyle curriculum, and an array of lifestyle products and services. The Genomics International Lifestyle System can be delivered with site license options for health, beauty and fitness nutritional supplements and cosmetic supplies and genetic testing services.

In 2003, our founder, Aimon Kopera MD, started Qi Mountain Lifestyle Centers as a company offering an early version of our Genomics International System and Program with state-of-the art technology and engineering from Europe, Asia and the United States. Over the years the system evolved to today’s proprietary Genomics International technology, wellness products and services, and other products and services Genomics International designates or approves for use by Genomics International Lifestyle Centers’ partners and affiliates.

Our “System” allows for the efficient operation of Genomics International Lifestyle Center businesses to provide a platform for the sale of products and services, as well as to provide ease of operation of its wellness practice component. Our System includes our customer management system; distinctive business formats; uniforms; color schemes; methods; procedures; system-common practices and processes; advertising practices; designs; layouts; signs; product and service mix; licensed or proprietary software; hardware and electronic devices; standards; specifications; treatment protocols; and/or other Genomics International Lifestyle Center System Standards defined in our Manuals, all of which we may improve, further develop or otherwise modify from time-to-time.

At IRIWP and Genomics International we’re dedicated to the success of our partners and are focused on providing world-class support and service based on respect and trust. When you join Genomics International, you’ll be working with experienced professionals who have extensive brand building, marketing, development and operational experience. Here’s what you’ll receive:


  • Prototypical design and conceptual layout options for your venue


  • Comprehensive, certified training in all aspects of the Genomics International business

  • Access to online training tools and development support

  • In-depth operations manuals

Operations and Field Support

  • Initial management training and on–site visits

  • Access to the corporate management team for business review and performance analysis

  • Assistance focusing on quality and service


  • Innovative, targeted marketing plans

  • High-quality point-of-purchase, merchandising and marketing materials

  • Dedicated marketing and public relations staff to assist with marketing and media planning

  • Corporate Marketing campaigns

  • In-house creative agency to provide unique, customizable advertising and branding materials

Product Development

  • Wide variety of product and service offerings to choose from

  • Delivery of world-class Genomics International improved products and expanded offerings

  • Operational support and quality assurance

Ongoing Support

  • Regular consultation visits from Genomics International Business Consultants

  • Regular Q&A online consultations

  • Business review analysis of performance vs. system-wide benchmarks

  • Password-protected Intranet communications


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