Asia Pacific Partnerships

The International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention (IRIWP) began outreach in Thailand and the Asia Pacific region over six years ago with participating hospitals, universities, institutions and public and private sectors for the advancement of the study of genomics, lifestyle research and age-related disease. Our founders, Dr. Paul Evans and Dr. Aimon Kopera, come from strong medical science, research, consulting and technology backgrounds. They have over 30 years of collective experience including their work in health and technology.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and Bangkok, Thailand, we are a professional services company providing partnering, advisory, research, genetic testing and bioinformatics assistance to meet the needs of the growing life science, medical and consumer self-care industry in Southeast Asia and beyond.

 Atlanta, Georgia USA

Bangkok, Thailand

We help clients start new genetics focused  businesses  in Asia through JVs or partnerships, or relocate to cut existing operational costs or expand their offerings to customers in Asia. 

Our partnerships cover genetic-based product customization and manufacturing for supplement and cosmetics industries, genetic product distribution and licensing, and co-development of  health and wellness clinic facilities for medical tourism and specialized practice in longevity and regenerative medicine.

We are looking for companies that want to go into Asia directly through spin-offs, JVs or partnerships.

We have a ground presence in the Asia Pacific Region through our hub in Thailand. There we assist with international sales partnerships in the APAC area including China, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Australia, India, South Korea and the Philippines as well as distributor partnerships in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand , Myanmar and Malaysia.

We want to identify companies with products or technologies relevant to the Asian Pacific Region who are seeking licensing and distribution partners, acquisitions or joint ventures in genetic science.

Genomics International Asia Pacific

We assist businesses worldwide that have genetic products, medical services or technologies that can be used in the Asia Pacific market. Contact us:

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