Aimon Kopera MD

For over 20 years Dr. Kopera has been involved in global health initiatives. Early in her career she served on the United Nations International Medical Team in South East Asia providing medical relief for children and adults during the Cambodian civil war. Currently, she is President and Chief Health Scientist of the International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention (IRIWP) and principal investigator of health research. She is also President of the Origami Society a non-profit organization involved globally in the reclamation, conservation and cultivation of plants and herbs rich in life force energies. Dr. Kopera’s integrative health research interests are in mindfulness-based approaches to health, wellness and prevention and Asian ethnobotany, and epigenetics. To help under-served populations her community outreach interests include field work with patients and stakeholders who need to become more engaged in the healthcare process. Her health science focus is based on knowledge and experience of Western Medicine and Eastern approaches to wellness.  A Master  Tai Chi Qigong Practitionerwith additional training in medicinal plant and indigenous herbs, she applies cognitive lifestyle mind-body science in development of patient-centered health protocols for mindful eating, mindful movement, stress management and self-care. Additionally, she designs and implements Qi Mountain Lifestyle Centers and multilingual programs leveraging technology.  A recent book authored by Dr. Kopera FOOD, an Origami Transformation ™ is a consumer’s map for how to begin the journey and stay on the road to wellness and prevention it is written in Thai and English with other Asian language translations to follow. Dr. Kopera is an Asian American who was born in Bangkok. She completed her doctor or medicine degree from American Global University. She holds a Master of Art in Communication from Sukhothai University and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Mahidol University.

Dr. Kopera provides genetics advisory services to help clients identify, validate, and bring to market genetics-based product innovations that enhance life, detect disease, enable prevention, identify potential treatments and prescribe personalized therapies. Through her USA and Thailand based DTC genetics testing companies, Dr. Kopera leverages well-established genotyping to explore relevant DNA variants. Her companies employ several platforms under laboratory conditions including the Affymetrix GeneTitan to detect single nucleotide polymorphisms, the most common type of genetic variation among people. Dr. Kopera provides consulting services in the fields of diagnostic testing; DNA screening for lifestyle purposes; genetic consumer counseling; consultancy provided to specialized medical personnel; genetic testing consultations provided via phone, online chat or videoconferencing; medical testing of blood, saliva, stool; multi-disciplinary, integrative, genetic consultations for treatment and prevention purposes with USA partners; providing a web site featuring genetic and lifestyle information; providing an internet website for consumers featuring genetic and lifestyle educational information.

Paul Evans EdD, CAGS

Dr. Paul Evans is Chief Executive Officer of IRIWP. He was trained as a psychologist, researcher and software designer, after graduate school Dr. Evans became a researcher, program evaluator and writer at the National Science Foundation (NSF). Following NSF, at IBM he was on the team that launched the first IBM PC and was responsible for IBM’s Digital Publishing Studio. For IBM’s global education initiatives he developed and evaluated technology based literacy programs to teach children and adults to read and write. After IBM, at EDS (now, Hewlett Packard) and AT Kearney he was consulting Partner on Internet and Electronic Commerce where he authored technology marketing publications: “Digital Pioneers:  Separating the Electronic Commerce Hype from the Reality”; “Converging Technologies and Value Creation”; “A Look at the Internet and the Opportunities it Offers”; and, numerous other thought leadership articles in Kearney’s esteemed Executive Agenda Journal. And later, he was appointed Executive Vice President Worldwide at the NYC advertising powerhouse Young and Rubicam, where he was in charge of Y&R’s digital strategy and Marketing Lab. Dr. Evans completed his Doctor of Education degree from the University of Georgia in psychometrics, statistics and research, where he was coordinator of the Fain Hall Computer/Research Center. He holds a CAGS in counseling psychology from William and Mary, where he was a teaching assistant, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of South Carolina. He has served as visiting industry associate at the MIT /Sloan School of Business 21st Century Initiative; an industry representative to the MIT Media Lab; a business consultant at the Harvard Educational Technology Center; a National Academy of Sciences, Educational Technology Study participant; and, a consultant to the U.S. DOE in Educational Technology. His current interests are health literacy, emerging health technology and to improve inequitable health outcomes worldwide. He also writes and lectures internationally on the science of consciousness.