The International Research Institute for Wellness and Prevention (IRIWP) is an Atlanta headquartered research and consulting organization. We also develop intellectual property in the health sector and partner with industry leaders and venture concerns to bring the IP to the marketplace.

Our founders come from strong medical science, research, consulting and technology backgrounds. They have over 50 years of collective experience including their work in health and technology.

We work with businesses, universities and research institutes and conduct a broad range of research and consulting projects with emphasis on digital health.

The digital health consulting practice within IRIWP assists clients to prosper in the current environment of industry transition.

  • The health industry is undergoing dramatic changes.  Some of these changes have been driven by consumer technology, the Internet and a host of non-traditional media, from tablet devices to smart phones, resulting in the widespread availability of preventive health information.
  • As a result we are witnessing the greatest shift than ever before in consumer demand for wellness and preventive services in the health sector.

Our mission is to explore all facets of the emerging health technology to:

  • Improve health of communities
  • Reverse the obesity and chronic illness
  • Empower patients/consumers health responsibility.
  • Engage patients, clinicians, policy makers to make better informed health decision.
  • Deliver affordable health options.